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It is puzzle time!

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Welcome to got me puzzled!

All of us have those photos somewhere on memory stick, which we wish we could print them and put on wall so that every time we pass by them memories just come back to us.

Plan your surprise holiday through puzzles.

Preserve your memories in a form of a puzzle.

Why not do something that will interact with that memory, in a way - make you go back to that time of happiness, so that you can relive and experience that moment again, while sitting in comfort of your home?

Your photo can be anything: you with sunset on beach, or bonfire with friends, family time celebrating important occasions, cute food sharing with your loved one, first time your puppy saw himself in the mirror, the list goes on and on. It comes down to your memory and photos that make you happy.

puzzle creator

Cute Food Pic’s

Your Beach photos

Photos of loved ones

Cute pet photos

Your photos can be anything

Happy family occasions

Your travel

your Fashion

Fun times with
your friends

Your creative

Cute times
with your pet

With your unique jigsaw puzzle, you will be able to relive those happy memories anytime you want. Imagine that thrill that you will have while putting pieces into place and final moment when you complete your memory. That feeling is priceless.

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Creative Puzzle gift!

Are you overthinking about what is the best gift for your partner, friend or family?  Buying gifts can be expensive and even more stressful. Are they going to like it or appreciate it?




We have the perfect solution for your troubles!

It is simple and easy and cost effective- unique jigsaw puzzle!

puzzle generator

Puzzles are good foreveryone’s health

They encourage  you to continue challenging yourself!

Improve memory

Jigsaw puzzles increase your
memorial capacity.

improve visual spatial reasoning

Improve visual spatial by helping people to learn to remember visually.

increase iq

Solving puzzles help reinforce existing connections between our brain cells.

delay dementia and alzheimer's

Puzzles help delay dementia and Alzheimer by improving someones mental focus and memory.

improve problem solving skills

Solving puzzles helps improve mental calculating speed.

have education purpose

It can help kids learn to remember names of rivers, mountains and animals.


Jigsaw puzzles improve mood by using dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and feelings of optimism.

increase productivity

Jigsaw puzzles increase focus and teach people to become more focused when they are doing tasks.

create your unique puzzle now!

With photo that you send to us, we will make creative and unique jigsaw puzzle that is just for you. Small, medium or large all is up to your choice!




puzzle generator

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You and your doggo can make a fashion statement were ever you are!
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